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What is the Forex market?

In the Forex market, participants buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on currencies. The Forex market is made up of banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, and retail Forex brokers and private investors. Of all the financial markets in the world today, the currency market is widely considered the largest with over $5 Trillion worth of transactions happening daily, more than futures and equity markets combined.
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We are traders and investors at heart, and we know that these days, it’s hard to compete with the big firms. Ordinary people should have an opportunity to make money on the Forex market, which is why we developed ALGIQ starting in 2011. After many years of hard work, we now offer ALGIQ to the public and service both American and European markets. The ALGIQ headquarters is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with plans to open another 13 offices in the U.S. next year. We offer 3% average profit every month, which beats all competitors, and our users love how easy it is to get started and start making a profit.

We want to be 100% transparent and affordable. We want ALGIQ to be useful for everyone, from the ordinary person that wants to try investing to the pro that wants to diversify their portfolio. You are in full control of your account. There aren’t any fixed-term contracts and our minimum deposit is low. No setup fees and we don’t charge a fee if you don’t make money. The only fee is a performance fee based on the AI’s profit. So, if you don’t make any money, no worries! We won’t charge you. You can get started TODAY by filling out the form below.

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ALGIQ Office, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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